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Professional Thai Massage

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Sawadii Kha, 

Traditional Thai massage is operated by pressing and stretching your entire body using massage practitioners’ elbow and foot, which reduces your stress and improves circulation and is good for maintain functions of your muscles and joints that are not used in your daily life. We serve also oil massage, which makes you relaxed and brings relief for your feet, lower back and shoulders. Our Thailand female practitioners who have been trained in real traditional Thai massage operate these massages for you. Please wait while you relax in the hotel room and enjoy our massage. We are expecting you. Smile Massage .


Oil Massage 


Relieving muscle fatigue with pressing and a pushing massage and stimulating lymphatic flow and revitalisation with an oil massageVia the contents of the oil and a gentle massage, an oil massage promotes the normal breathing process of the skin and nourishment of the skin with oxygen. This is not encompassed in the stretching of the traditional Thai massage but through relieving muscle fatigue with a pressing and pushing massage and stimulating lymphatic flow, the body's condition can be improved.By moisturising the skin with its gentle nutrients, the oil will produce soft and lively skin. This is highly recommended for customers with rough or dry skin.

Traditional Thai Massage

What is traditional Thai massage?
It is said that it has been a traditional medicine for a very long time. It is performed with a smooth rhythm and is highly effective as a relaxing massage. The energy line known as the enrunning throughout the body is stimulated through the use of the fingers and elbows, the knees and the soles of the feet; the result is a heightening and revitalisation of the natural healing power of the body.

What are the results of traditional Thai massage? 
Traditional Thai massage
The effects of traditional Thai massage are not only the lessening of stiffness and healing of tiredness. There are health benefits according to the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Thailand for conditions including high blood pressure, sensitivity to the cold, constipation, menstrual irregularity, asthma etc. All together 60 conditions are set out. In addition, the gentle rhythm keeps time with the beating of the heart and this has beneficial effects for mental stability and plays an effective role in the calming of stress. For these reasons, in recent years traditional Thai massage has been introduced into university hospitals etc as a form of alternative therapy for illnesses.

It is a misunderstanding that Traditional Thai Massage hurts!
The gentle rhythm of traditional Thai massage keeps time with the beating of the heart. There is almost no forced stimulation in this type of therapy. Some people might think that some of the stretches hurt but these are like flexible physical exercises and are carried out in a relaxing manner. If the customer's body is particularly hard and stiff and something approaching pain occurs, then allowance is made for this. Above all we hope that the stretching will not cause the body pain. 



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